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2017 Rock-A-Hula (Daily)
L-SL Rock-A-Hula Show Lineup / L-SL' Enhancement List
L1 Green Room® Dinner & Show / Special Diet Info / Menu Handout
L2 Stageside VIP® Dinner & Show / Special Diet Info / Menu Handout
L3 Luau® Buffet & Show / Special Diet Info / Menu Handout
L4 Premier Cocktail Show 
L5 Rockin Show
L6 Green Room Private Reception

2017 Rock-A-Hula (Events)
Events Cover Page / Events Introduction
L-EL Rock-A-Hula Events Lineup / L-EL' Rock-A-Hula Events Enhancement List
L-PP Legends Place® Profile
LE1 Green Room® Dinner & Show Event 
LE2 Stageside VIP® Dinner & Show Event
LE3 Luau® Buffet & Show Event
LE4 Hollywood Awards® Royal Hawaiian Theater®
LE5 Seminar® Royal Hawaiian Theter®
LE6 Cabana Dining® Breakfast or Lunch Event
LE7 Legends T0-Go® Your Place
VLE3 Friday Rockin [email protected] Royal Hawaiian Theater®
VLE4 Friday All-in-One® Rock-A-Hula®
VLE5 Friday [email protected] Terrace Cabana
VLE8 Enhancement: Legendary Lessons®

2017 Rock-A-Hula (Holiday Shows)
L-HP Holiday Party Lineup / Holiday Party Image Calendar
L0108 Elvis' Rockin' Birthday
L0214 Be My Valentine
L0514 Legendary Moms
L0618 Rockin' Dads
L1123 Thanksgiving at Legends
L1225 Magical Christmas at Legends
L1231 Midnight New Year's Eve Rockin' Eve

Party & Events Suggestions
Events Sales Intro 
Event A - Wedding & Intimate Celebrations (For Groups from 10 – 80 persons)
Event B - Hawaiian Banquet (For Groups from 300 to over 1,000 persons)
Event C - Aloha Friday Specials (For Groups from 30 to 700 persons)
Event D - Unique Hawaiian Events (For Groups from 100 to over 1,100 persons)
Event E - Enhancements

2017 Other Info
TS Transportation Schedule
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2017 Rock-A-Hula® Brochure

Rock-A-Hula® Images & Videos

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