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2019 Rock-A-Hula® Daily Show [Download printable files.]
RH-DS: Rock-A-Hula® Show Lineup & Enhancement List
RH1: Green Room Dinner & Show Special Diet Info / Menu Handout
RH2: Stageside VIP Dinner & ShowSpecial Diet Info / Menu Handout
RH3: Luau Buffet & Show Special Diet Info / Menu Handout
RH4: Premier Cocktail ShowHandout
RH5: Rockin’ Show
RH6: Green Room Private Reception Special Diet Info

2019 Rock-A-Hula® Charter & Events [Download printable files.]
Rock-A-Hula® Events About Us & Behind the Scenes
RH-ET: Events Terms & Operation
RH-ES: Rock-A-Hula® Event Lineup & Enhancement List
RH-FP: Facility Profile
RHE1: The Ultimate Award, Dinner & Show Event
RHE2: All-In-One Award, Dinner & Show Event
RHE3: Stageside VIP Dinner & Show Event
RHE4: Luau Buffet & Show Event
RHE5: Cabana Dining Breakfast & Lunch Event
RHE6: Hollywood Awards Event
RHE7: Waikiki Arrival Station Event
RHE8: Friday Luau Buffet Event
RHE9: Friday Concert Promotion (Coming Soon!)
RHE10: Artists To-Go @ Your Place
EN-RH1: Rockin’ Makeup Lesson Enhancement

2019 Rock-A-Hula® Holiday Shows [Download printable files.]
RH-HS: Holiday Party Image Calendar & Lineup
RH0108: Elvis' Rockin' Birthday
RH0214: Be My Valentine
RH0512: Rockin' Moms
RH0616: Rockin' Dads
RH1128: Thanksgiving at Rock-A-Hula®
RH1225: Magical Christmas at Rock-A-Hula®
RH1231: Midnight New Year's Rockin’ Eve Countdown


2020 Rock-A-Hula® Daily Shows, Holiday Shows and Event Show

SP-TS: Transportation Schedule
SP-OP: Contact and Terms

2020 Rock-A-Hula® Brochure

Rock-A-Hula® Images & Videos

Corporate Newsletters & Bulletins

Full array of Star of Honolulu Cruises & Events® Travel Partner materials for Star of Honolulu®, Dolphin Star®, Rock-A-Hula® and Royal Star Hawaii®