Each of the “Legends” not only looks and sounds like the celebrity they portray; they literally take on the persona of the original performer as the result of painstakingly practicing their craft. Every detail is taken into consideration from choreography to hair, wardrobe, makeup and mannerisms.

Legends in Concert Waikiki draws upon an extensive array of tribute artists and is able to revise the lineup of performers every six to twelve months. Although key artists such as “Elvis” will always be a highlight of each show, the occasional changes in tribute performers allow our many repeat guests to see a “new” concert on virtually every visit.

Here’s our current lineup of artists:

Johnny Fortuno, portraying Elvis Presley, was born and raised in Wahiawa, Hawaii. Johnny’s remarkable talent was recognized by the legendary Don Ho, who developed a position for Johnny in his own Waikiki show. Johnny was later selected as a headline act and traveled the world as an Elvis tribute artist. In 2011, Johnny won the Las Vegas preliminary round of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Johnny Fortuno as Elvis Presley

Corey Melton, as Michael Jackson, was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He has performed in various venues for the last 20 years. Growing up, Corey was surrounded by music. He began singing and dancing at age three. In addition, his father was a club owner who booked the legendary Ike Turner. His mother was a vocalist for the band Cecil Davis Revue, and she performed with Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and James Brown.


Elisa Furr, as Celine Dion, began her singing career when she was 14 and soon experienced success as the lead singer for several bands. She also toured around the United States for 25 years, danced in MTV videos and performed with Jessica Simpson, Ne-Yo, and other artists. Elisa’s 30 years of stage and studio experience has made her one of the most sought-after tribute artists in the world!


Those who are familiar with the performing arts understand the powerful role of supporting cast members. During each Legends concert, audience members constantly shift their gaze among the featured artists, the fabulous dancers and background singers, the talented live band, and the “wow’s” created by the stage props.

Hawaii Attraction in Waikiki

Two 42-foot tall screens on the sides of the stage and a huge screen at the back of the stage act as canvases on which hundreds of images and effects are projected. Along with the visual presentations, floral scents waft through the showroom at strategic times during in the show, contributing to a unique multi-sensory experience.

Hawaii Showroom in WaikikiThousands of hours of preparation by a talented team of professional have been devoted to the show, including Emmy Award-winning lighting designer Gregg Maltby.

Guests rave about the large group of dancers and the show’s rocking musicians. The dancers and five-piece live band elevate the show to a level well above any other in Waikiki. Numerous challenging jazz dance numbers, an exciting Tahitian set, and delightful hula segments require that Legends dancers possess a broad range of talent and incredible stamina . . . and be “quick change artists,” too. The 75-minute show requires hundreds of costume changes by cast members!